Q: What is Alien Skin? 

A: Alien Skin is a company that develops photo editing software. Both Tyler and Logan use Alien Skin Exposure 7 to edit all their images in combination with Lightroom. Visit www.alienskin.com for more information. 

Q: After you apply your preset in Lightroom, do you do any further editing to the image? 

A: Each preset is not going to include exposure or white balance. After applying the preset in Lightroom we suggest adjusting the exposure bar up or down until your image looks perfect; then adjust the WB temp and tint to get the perfect coloring. If necessary, you might want to adjust the contrast bar. After you're done, export your image to Alien Skin. 

Q: Once applying the preset in Alien Skin over your edited Lightroom image, do you do any further editing to the image? 

A: We suggest playing around with the overall intensity bar as well as the color filter section to get the look you are seeking. Also, play around with the grain until your image is to your liking. 

Q: Do your presets work on all file and camera types?

A: Yes. Our presets were originally made for Canon 5D files and they work best with Canon, but they also work great with images from Nikon and Sony. 

Q: Do you except returns or refunds?

A: All products are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued. 


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